Customer Self Service Portal

Revolutionize the Way You Connect with Your Customers


  • Seamless Account Management
  • Real-time Insights for Informed Decisions
  • Cost-Efficient Customer Support
  • Invoice Download, Print, Share
  • Online Product Catalogue and New Products Intimation
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
The Benefits

Here's Why Businesses Prefer SAP integrated Customer Portal?

A self-service customer portal provides power to your customers with faster solutions that they can find anything, anywhere, any device, anytime, rather than having to wait for your representative’s arrival or pick up a phone and wait on hold for information and support.

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Easy Account Management

Place orders, submit inquiries, and access real-time information from any device, anywhere

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Real-time Insights for Informed Decisions

Enable them to exercise better control over their business and purchasing decisions.

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Efficient SAP Integration

Our ERP-integrated Customer Portal streamlines data management, saving time and reducing errors.

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Cost-Efficient Customer Support

The Customer Portal takes the load off your support team, resulting in cost savings and enhanced efficiency

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Business Expansion Without Overhead

Expand your business without the need for additional sales and support personnel.

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Reduced call and email volumes translate to less waiting time for customers.

Key Features

Streamlines Customer Interactions, Manage and Tracks Orders, and Drive Revenue Growth Together.

Customer experience is crucial! It's about serving the needs and wants of customers, not just providing direction by which customers can get support if they have questions or problems with a product or service. Upbuff's self-serve Customer Portal is a plug-and-play digital model platform with complete flexibility and scalability.

Order and Inquiry Placement

Manage and Prioritize your Requests Efficiently

Provide transparency and efficiency of order and inquiry tracking, improve customer satisfaction

  • A comprehensive record of all past orders and inquiries, including their details and status updates
  • Timely notifications and updates on inquiries progress, ensuring your customer can always informed about the latest developments
  • Track inquiries based on the type of product, inquiry status, or the nature of the request to facilitate sorting and prioritization.
Order Tracking and Delivery

Be Ease! Enjoy the Journey from Purchase to Delivery

Are you eager to keep a watchful eye on your orders as they make their way to your doorstep? Yes! then here you go.

  • Track the progress of their orders, monitor key milestones, and receive estimated delivery or response times.
  • Access a history of previous order and deliveries, including detailed information on each one.
  • Add special delivery instructions or notes for the delivery person to ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery process.
Credit Management

A Complete View of Credit and Schedules

Keep track of credit transactions in real-time, ensuring to aware of spending and account activity

  • Easily access your credit account information, including balances, available credit limits, transaction history, and payment schedules.
  • Conveniently apply for credit products online, complete with instant approval decisions for many products.
  • Receive timely payment reminders to help you stay on top of your financial commitments and maintain a positive credit history.
Invoice Print and Download

Access Invoices from Anywhere, at Any time

Keep financial records well-organized and easily accessible, helping stay on top of accounts and payments.

  • Download your invoices in digital format, such as PDF, for safekeeping, record-keeping, or sharing with clients, suppliers, or tax authorities.
  • Easily generate and print professional invoices directly.
  • Share invoice to whatsapp, email or any other platforms
Return/Service Request

Making the Process as Smooth and Efficient

Save time and effort by managing returns and service requests conveniently

  • Simplifies the request process with clear instructions and easy-to-follow steps, ensuring a effortless return or service request.
  • Choose between a refund or replacement, depending on the preference and the nature of the return.
  • Access a comprehensive record of your previous service requests and interactions.
Digital Product Catalogue

Access Product Catalogue Anytime, Anywhere

Simplify product discovery process and make informed purchasing decisions

  • Browse through a vast selection of products across various categories, ensuring access to a wide range of options
  • Instant stock availability and delivery time to ensure the most up-to-date information
  • Enjoy an engaging experience with interactive media, such as videos, images, etc.
Real-time Analytics

Dive Deep, Gain Valuable Insights, and make Informed Decisions

Real-time data to make informed decisions, whether it's about your orders, finances, support requests, and many.

  • At a glance, you can view key performance metrics, such as order history, service requests, account balance, and more.
  • Visualize a complete customer view spot trends, patterns, and anomalies in interactions.
  • Customize widgets that matter most to your customer. Whether it's order tracking, support ticket status, or account activity, it's your choice.
Dynamic Reports

Gateway to Harnessing the Full Potential of Data

Enhancing actionable insights and the knowledge needed to optimize interactions

  • Download your reports in various formats (PDF, Excel, etc.) or share them with stakeholders to encourage collaboration.
  • Delve deeper into your data by clicking on specific data points or categories, allowing for a more granular analysis.
  • Automated report delivery schedules to receive key data directly to your inbox at regular intervals.

Take Your Business To The Next Level with Customer Self Service Portal

This is the time to continue embracing all that technology offers to market your business, enhance the services you provide with the convenient and safe technology your clients demand.


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