Unleash Your Business Potential with SAP Integrated CRM Empowered by BI

Enhance your SAP ERP by extending its capabilities to unlock unparalleled efficiency, personalized customization, and seamless real-time connectivity, guaranteeing that your ERP empowers every facet of your organization.


Introducing Upbuff, Powered by BI

Bid farewell to disjointed workflows, inefficiencies, and isolated data islands. Upbuff transforms SAP integration, tailoring it to address the nuanced requirements of your business. Our solution fosters a cohesive and nimble operational ecosystem, eliminating the barriers that hinder seamless performance. Embrace a unified approach with Upbuff, where your business processes seamlessly align to optimize efficiency and elevate operational excellence.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Organize and manage leads, Track progress, Better communication, Close more deals

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Field Service Management (FSM)

Easy ticketing & managing, Improved customer satisfaction, Reduce costs

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Asset Tracking System (ATS)

Improved asset visibility, Reduced asset costs, Improved compliance, Increased efficiency

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Vansale POS

Improve inventory management, Efficient order processing, Accurate reporting, and Route

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Customer, Dealer, Distributor Portals

A Self-Service tools for Account management, Product info, Order tracking, Support

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Supplier Portal

Capture competitor's Price, Promotion, Offers, etc.

Effective, Dynamic, Potent

The 'last mile' of business operations encompasses those critical, industry-specific, or niche tasks that are essential but often require tailored solutions. This is where our application shines. Our solution smoothly integrates with SAP, serving as a connector that links the ERP system with critical business processes.

understand, customize, connect, launch

What Upbuff Offers to your Business?

Fostering seamless efficiency and heightened productivity, our solution bridges the gap between the concluding phase of your business operations and the SAP ERP system. That's where our innovative application comes into play

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Tailor the CRM to your unique business needs. Tailor fields, workflows, and reports to align with your unique sales processes.

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Meet the evolving demands of your enterprise, expand your user base, product offerings, or geographical reach

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Insightful Analysis

Gain valuable insights into your sales performance to analyze sales trends, conversion rates, and revenue growth.

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Enhance processes, automate workflows, expedite task completion, and minimize lead times for improved efficiency.

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Data Integrity

Ensure data integrity within your enterprise using SAP, guaranteeing precision, uniformity, and security across your organization.

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Single Source of Truth

Enable personalized experiences to establish connections across sales, service, marketing, commerce, customers, and suppliers.

How We Help to Grow Your Business?

Unlock the complete capabilities of SAP to tackle your distinct business challenges. Our offerings provide solutions that streamline business operations through process automation, real-time visibility, and improved market reach and communication.

unified perspective

Attain a Unified Perspective

Harness the power of our application with minimal training, fostering rapid adoption across your organization

efficient implementation

Efficient Implementation

Tailor-made to cater to all your requirements, fast time to value is ideal for rapid results

adaptable and expandable

Adaptable and Expandable

Flexible and scalable solutions adapting effortlessly to your business growth and capable for any size


The Journey to Excellence

Customizable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and business processes of various industries, resulting in reduced learning curves and improved productivity.


How Upbuff CRM Worked Out for the Leading Stakeholders

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Empower Informed Decisions
with Business Intelligent Dashboards

Enable organizations to turn raw data into actionable insights,
offering a comprehensive insight into their operations, clients, and market trends.
We encompass data visualization, reporting, and advanced analytics to help
enterprises can make informed decisions and enhance their business strategies.

Ready to Transform Your
SAP ERP Experience?

Take the next stride towards unlocking your business potential with Upbuff.

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