Vansales POS

Empowering On-the-Go
Sales Excellence

The Vansales application, integrated with SAP, transforms the way
businesses handle sales and customer interactions

Dynamic World of Modern Commerce

SAP Integrated Vansales Creating a Seamless, Efficient, and Intelligent Sales Ecosystem

Route Optimization

Dynamic Route Planning with Smart Route Optimization

Plan sales routes with precision, considering factors such as customer locations, traffic, and sales priorities

  • Monitor the movement of sales representatives and respond promptly to any deviations from the plan.
  • Dynamically adjust routes to accommodate new opportunities or urgent customer needs.
  • Identify areas for improvement and implement data-driven strategies for enhanced route efficiency.
Seamless Inventory Mobility

Streamline the Stock Transfer Process with Automated Workflows

Reduce manual effort and errors, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • Maintain accurate records of stock movements for precise inventory management.
  • Optimize stock distribution to vans to align with sales routes and customer requirements.
  • Facilitate easy returns of unsold or excess stock from the van to the warehouse.
Fueling Growth

Capture Leads Directly in the Field During Sales Interaction

Ensure that every potential business opportunity is recorded seamlessly.

  • Track opportunities in real time as they progress through the sales pipeline.
  • Identify trends, assess conversion rates, and refine sales strategies based on actionable insights.
  • Gain visibility into the entire sales pipeline, from lead generation to deal closure.
  • Monitor the status, potential value, and critical milestones of each opportunity.
Versatile Sales Solutions

Flexibility in Payment Options is Key to Meeting Diverse Customer Preferences

A system that dynamically manages both cash sales and credit sales

  • Cater to customer preferences by offering both cash and credit sales options.
  • Customize credit terms, repayment schedules, and credit limits based on customer relationships.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date financial records for holistic business insights.
  • Stay agile in response to changing market dynamics.
Pre Order, Quotation, Delivery, and Return

Mastering Leads on-the-go, Convert it into Revenue

A comprehensive toolkit to capture quotation on the go, grab the orders effectively, close deals faster, and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

  • An integrated pre-order service allow your customers to reserve products in advance, even before officially available.
  • Simplified process to generate, send, and track quotations efficiently to impress the potential clients.
  • Reliable way to manage and track your deliveries, ensuring products reach your customers securely and on time.
  • Efficiently manage product returns by initiate return request, review, inspect, and provide resolution as quick as needed.
Digital Product Catalogue

Presenting an Interactive, Customizable, Mobile Digital Product Catalog

Enhance your sales opportunities by providing your sales team with a mobile-friendly product catalog. This feature enables them to showcase the product range to potential customers and easily prepare quotations, ultimately boosting sales.

  • One-click PDF generation enables to compile product data for easy sharing / printing.
  • Comprehensive product details, including specifications, features, related products, image gallery, descriptions, prices, and availability.
  • Support for product variations like sizes, colors, and configurations, with individual listings for each variation.
  • Includes multiple product categories, multi-level category nesting, search and more.
Track Driver, Vehicle and Expense

Seamless Fleet Control and On-the-Go Expense Tracking

Creating a system to track drivers, vehicles, and on-the-go expenses is the ultimate solution to optimize your operations, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and profitable future.

  • Capture daily attendance from the beginning of the day by extracting the exact location.
  • Drivers to capture receipts and record expenses such as fuel, tolls, repairs etc.
  • Track the live location to allow the real-time visibility of routes, vehicles and drivers.
Offline Sales, Stock, and Credit

Power up Sales Opportunities from Start to Finish

A complete solution to improve offline sales operations, stock management, and credit tracking, ensuring your business to stay ahead in a competitive market.

  • Seamlessly record orders, issue invoices, and provide receipts offline and automatically sync data when back online.
  • Receive low-stock alerts to prevent shortages and maintain optimal stock levels.
  • Offer credit terms to customers and track outstanding balances.
  • Set credit limits and receive alerts for overdue payments.
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Do more than just present your products

Upbuff Vansales POS gives you the power to convert from ordinary business to smart business, allows to bring better and more!

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Dynamic Route Planning

Improvise the trip efficiency while the vehicle is in transit by managing an efficient route plan to eliminate the fuel and revenue loss.

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Offline Sales Management

Conduct sales transactions even without an internet connection.

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Streamlined Sales Processes

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming tasks! Automates repetitive processes from lead nurturing to follow-ups, automation boosts productivity, reduces errors, and accelerates sales cycles.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Harness the power of data insights into sales trends, customer behaviors, and market dynamics. It empowers you to adjust strategies, seize opportunities, and stay ahead of competitors.

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Enhance Utilization and Reduce Downtime

Streamline your operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

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Single and United Hub

Identify cost-saving opportunities by monitoring expenses and maintenance.

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