Field Service Management

Elevate Your Field Service Operations to New Heights

Designed to optimize and orchestrate the entire lifecycle of field service activities, from scheduling and dispatching to work order management, all the way to real-time communication and analytics.

Ticketing, Tracking, and Monitoring

Optimizes Every Aspect of Field Service Ticket Allocation with Ease

Create an integrated field service ticketing system to improve SLA compliance and reduce time-to-resolution rates.

  • Create and assign service tickets and track the field engineer realtime
  • Spares parts request and approval flows in a few clicks
  • 100% Genuine feedback Collection and issue resolution confirmation
Workflow Automation

Outperform SLA Metrics and Redefine Exceptional Customer Service

Ensure minimal customer wait times! Upbuff's FSM suggestive algorithm automatically routes requests based on customer location, severity level, and the type of issue for swift complaint resolution

  • Automatic job assignment to the right technicians at right time
  • Assign job to a field employee closest to the customer location
  • Automated alerts, notifications, and escalation matrix are triggered based on the defined TAT for tickets approaching expiration
Reporting and Analytics

Leverage robust reporting tools to gain actionable insights

Monitor key performance indicators, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement

  • Identify patterns and trends in customer complaints, service requests, and technician performance to implement continuous improvement strategies
  • Measure the overall efficiency of field service operations by analyzing various metrics and identifying areas for streamlining processes
  • Break down costs associated with field service operations, identifying areas for optimization and cost reduction
Scheduling and Communication

Tailoring Appointments with your Customer Need

Prioritize proactive and transparent communication with customers

  • Efficient customer visit scheduling and rescheduling
  • Keep customers informed about appointment times, service updates, and technician arrivals
  • Exceed customer expectations with timely communication and first-rate field service
Capture Live Details

On-the-go Access to Critical Information

Empower field technicians with mobile devices. Enhance communication, data capture, and decision-making at the job site

  • Field teams have access to detailed job instructions, specifications, and customer information
  • Ensure that technicians have the right tools and parts, minimizing downtime and improving first-time fix rates
  • Optimize the maintenance and tracking of assets in the field
Expense Tracking

Seamless expense recording and approvals, along with tracking

Efficiently capture and track diverse field operation expenses, including customer site visits, accommodation, food, to optimize operations and costs.

  • Capture receipts and record expenses such as fuel, tolls, repairs etc.
  • Field employees can send reimbursement requests with evidence
  • Design a custom expense approval hierarchy with various levels of approvers & reporting managers

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